logo performXmRFact-based performance measurement module

The GPS (Graphical Performance System) of your business :

Find out where you are and get where you are going


Unlike the traditional analysis method based on the comparison values (current vs previous) which is not global, fact based analysis method provides unambiguous interpretation. It takes into account historical data and performs statistical calculations to separate signals from possible noise.

The Perform.XmR module computes all related elements of your measurements according to defined parameters and stores them in a database designed to optimize and facilitate the dashboard design.

It also helps to define and document your performance measures. You can add comments to specific points in time that will serve you for documentation on possible causes and / or actions taken related to signals detected by your data. By adopting Perform.XmR, your business can better respond to future changes.

Perform.XmR features :

  • Web service interface for insert measures values
  • Central management of your measures definitions with a link to your     existing documentation. Links relate measures (cause-effect, lead-lag, etc)
  • Per class management
  • Date levels management
  • Comments management (causes, solution)
  • Targets configuration
  • Relationships recalculation according to different parameters
  • Existing analysis integration
  • Bilingual
  • Tableau software specific design