Mission :

Transform your information management process to optimise this strategic asset.

Three parts strategy:

1. Measure to drive.

The ability to cope with the new economic configuration characterized by rapid , environmental change and unpredictability requires adjusting the traditional model:

Planning => Control => judgment

by dynamic and proactive model:

Goal => result => performance measurement => learning => action

Performance measurement is a decision tool. It helps to understand the current situation and ensures that actions are progressing in the right direction, meaning links to the mission / vision / strategies. Therefore, it is imperative to involve all stakeholders and company officials, this is the critical success factor of a performance measurement project.

2. Facts based analysis. 

Unlike the traditional analysis method based on the comparison values (current vs previous) which is not global, fact based analysis provides unambiguous interpretation. It takes into account historical data and performs statistical calculations to separate signals from possible noise. Thus, you will be alerted quickly if a potential problem arises. With this method, your stakeholders and managers increase their ability to detect what is important and requires attention.

“We can’t solve a problem that we don’t know exists’

3. Visual communication.

The first principle of a dashboard or visualization is to clearly communicate information. This doesn’t come automatically with software, it requires design skills related to how the mind computes what it sees. Don’t let inexperienced persons produce communications that could be misinterpreted. dir systems’s design is inspired by Stephen Few, a global leader in visual communication.

Meaning of dir systèmes?

dir : data, information, relations.
systèmes : components which are connected together in order to facilitate the flow of information for global analysis.